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This morning I watched the season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- which I've followed, off and on, since its premiere, but I came back into the fold when it introduced Nathaniel, aka My Favorite Trope of villains undone by lust for the hero/heroine.

It was a great finale, in part because the show has been so explicit for so long about blowing up Dumb Romance Narratives. (In contrast, consider the disappointment that everyone feels about The Mindy Project, which zig-zags between embracing and semi-repudiating its tropes. Although, side note: even with its perverse plot-arcs, The Mindy Project could still be satisfying if only it followed the sitcom pattern of stable, developed background characters. I always find it weird that The Mindy Project doesn't do this, given Mindy Kaling's background in The Office. Tight ensembles are the engines that drive Brooklyn-99 and Superstore, and they could potentially salvage The Mindy Project,

I fiddled with my Internet settings so that I have severely restricted access to time-wasting sites, so a) we'll see if it aids my productivity! and b) my TV-watching habits are about to dip tremendously.

At work yesterday, my boss told me -- with disgust -- that she had just watched The Lobster. "Have you seen it? What did you think of it?"

"Well, I knew most of the premise going in, but nobody told me about the dog-murder half-way through the movie? I wasn't prepared for the dog-murder."

"Yeah!" she said. "And that last scene! I was watching the movie with an opthamologist, and he was not pleased!"

"Yeah," I said. "It's not a good movie if you object to dog-murder or eye-trauma."

The other two people in the room, who had never even heard of the movie, regarded us with growing horror.


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