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I saw The Wedding Plan yesterday with Zane and Betty and J. It was cute. I liked it. (Zane tells me that the fish-smearing scene is not normal practice.)

I also saw Wonder Woman with Bear et al. It was...okay? Decidedly less amazing than the euphoric reviews made it seem, though. I think movie reviewers are just really, really bummed out by the Batman/Superman movies, and they're so desperately relieved to see a fun, Disney-esque film that their critical apparatuses are not functioning at peak power. However, I am reminded -- once again -- how much I enjoy movies in which buff ladies beat up men.

Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace (1996) -- A convicted murderess chats with a would-be psychologist in mid-nineteenth-century Canada. She remains slippery and unreliable; he remains predictably Male.

We read this for our spring book-club. (Our Canadian contingent wanted to read some Atwood; I vetoed The Handmaid's Tale as something that I had already read and never needed to read again. Alias Grace was our compromise.) It was sturdy enough for Book Club Discussion, but I found the book to be crushingly predictable in its treatment of the Patriarchy. Guess who has two thumbs and is unable to grasp the complexities of the women who surround him? Our Deluded Male Protagonist!

Ben Aaronovitch, The Rivers of London (aka Midnight Riot) (2011) -- A young policeman in London stumbles across a case involving murder, ghosts, possession, and the complicated familial dynamics of the embodied waterways of the city.

I found this charming and fun, although the central mystery did not make a lick of sense.

Laurie Colwin, A Writer in the Kitchen (1988) -- A warm and winsome account of cooking misadventures, in the same vein as M. F. K. Fisher.

My life has been much enriched by ghastly meals, two of the awfulest of which took place in London.


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