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Okay, let's get back on the "productive member of society" horse.

I've decided that I'm going to incentivize myself by giving myself one dollah to spend on something frivolous for every pomodoro session I successfully accomplish. (Next week, I may expand this to include exercise and other responsible-adult tasks, but for right now, let's keep it simple.)

I think my current frivolous saving target is going to be contributing to Banner Saga 3's Kickstarter.

(spoiler alert: I played a lot of Banner Saga this weekend)

Yesterday, I successfully got through 5 pomodoros (and successfully copyedited K's paper and read T's paper, although decided against going to seminar). Then I went home, because my back hurt and it had started snowing and I was wearing some slick-soled Converse sneakers, so.

Current Tally: $5

Today's goal: let's finish a coherent rough draft of the C section of this paper.
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I finished a True Chaotic run-through of Catherine today, and as I was noodling around the interwebs, I discovered that Slate had deemed it the "most sexist platformer of all time."

Dudes, just because a piece of art is about misogyny doesn't mean that it is misogynistic.

(The True Chaotic ending is delightfully nuts, but I am bemused to discover that a) your dirtbag-Vincent choices don't really affect the events of the story and b) the game itself clearly wants you to plight your troth to Katherine.)

getting bi

Jan. 24th, 2017 10:30 pm
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I watched a bunch of episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with my sister today, so that was pretty great.
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So on one hand, this chapter is nowhere near finished yet.

On the other hand, I'm home!!!!
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Today's marches and protests have given me hope about the future for the first time in months.
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Watched the season finale of The Good Place this morning. Wooooow.

Spoilers McSpoilers )

Now I want to watch every thing that Mike Schur has ever done.
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Went into work today. Veronica and I spent a lot of time looking at one another, deadpan, as if the other person was The Office's camera lens.

At one point, Veronica was on a roll, delivering an entirely fictitious and absurd story, and he and I went back and forth, mockingly elaborating on it until I realized that everyone else in the room was swallowing it all, so I -- like a fool!!! -- revealed that it was a fake. In retrospect, I should have let it continue in all its impossible glory.

Played ten hours of KOTOR yesterday, as my gift to myself for finishing a difficult thing. Man, 2003, you were another time, but I am charmed to see the standard narrative Bioware tricks appearing in primitive form in this game. (I was also surprised when I became a Jedi, although I don't know why I was surprised because a) I know the game's big plot twist and b) I think you're legally required to "become a Jedi" in any Star Wars game.)

tru fax

Jan. 18th, 2017 11:59 pm
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This week in Rubbish Meals: I sautéed those pearl onions in a balsamic glaze, at 'em over rice.

VERDICT: okay, but I understand now why everyone just buys pre-peeled pearl onions in the freezer section.
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I found my Good Place notes (for episodes 1-10, re-watched out-of-order), and I am so proud of myself.

I was specifically notating Chidi, as I think is obvious )
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Today's Rubbish Meals:

BREAKFAST: sandwich involving (my) mustard, light sour-cream (marked as expiring back in October), and pre-cooked German-style sausages (from Gosling's horde).

LUNCH: sandwich involving the last of the expired sour cream, crushed walnuts (from Gosling's horde) and shredded chicken I poached in the slow-cooker on Sunday using frozen chicken breasts (from Gosling's horde).

DINNER: Salad of romaine lettuce, shredded chicken, and crushed walnuts using a dressing of salt, pepper, olive oil, and lime juice (squeezed from limes from Gosling's horde).

VERDICT: satisfying

(This week, I must finish up that lettuce and figure out those pearl onions and make in-roads on all that citrus)
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I watched the first five episodes of Netflix's adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events this weekend. I never really got into the books -- they were always a little too young, they were a little too formulaic, and they were a little too arch -- and I was a little bored by the first two episodes, but by the third episode, the series had sunk its hooks into me. Why? Partly it's due to my affection for how broadly Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf, and partly it's because the showrunners have made the series a teensy, teensy bit more optimistic (insofar as the children occasionally allow themselves to hope), and partly it's because the show pumps up the aspect of Mysterious Conspiracies, and I love mysterious conspiracies. Also, I have a soft spot for Barry Sonnenfeld's aesthetic choices.

(Sonnenfeld is clearly the basis for Josephine's portrait of Ike, right? Also, I see you, Daniel Handler Cameo.)

But hey, the main reason is that Patrick Warburton's Lemony Snicket is an inspired delight.

(I am puzzled a little bit by the depiction of Violet. Why is she the one holding the baby in 85-percent of the scenes?)
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Today I cleaned up the rest of my pappa al pomodoro alongside some makeshift grilled-cheese sandwiches I made with Gosling's low-fat, pretty-expired string cheese.

("Can string cheese really go bad?" I scoffed to myself.)

Being low-fat string cheese, it didn't exactly melt, but it was still satisfying to dip my hot cheese-like-substance sandwich into my hot tomato-y paste. For a series of rubbish meals made almost entirely from Gosling's cast-offs, I thought it went pretty well.
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I solved my stale-bread conundrum by making pappa al pomodoro. I used this NYTimes recipe -- mainly because it looked dead-simple -- and basically just threw onions, bread, stock, and canned tomatoes together, and then used my immersion blender for improved consistency.

And it was fucking fantastic.

Soulless and A Madness of Angels )
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GOSLING: "When I go, I'm going to join a CrossFit gym."

ME: "Isn't that an oxymoron? Isn't the point of CrossFit that you don't need a gym?"

GOSLING: "...yeah, that's what I like about you, man. You keep me honest."

ME: "Hey, I just don't want you to fall prey to some dude's unlicensed venture. Like that time in Philadelphia when you found that bar that was just an unmarked door next to a dumpster leading into basement? And the name of the bar was 'Cum Dumpster'? And we never found out if it was an actual bar or just somebody's basement? Same thing with this CrossFit 'gym,' buddy!"

Schedule, My Schedule )
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How did I do on my schedule? Eh, less terribly than I expected -- I did indeed write the requisite words, although I didn't exercise (but I did go to the store), and I got to work on time, followed by washing clothes and running amuck. In its loose design, I think the schedule will work.

The hardest part was the seven-hour block at work, and I'm mulling over possible adjustments. I was crashing pretty hard by 4 pm, and I'm not sure that forcing myself to stick it out for the subsequent two hours was the best policy. On the other hand, I specifically designed the block to include 4-6 pm because I will frequently have professional obligations during that period...starting in February.

So I could abrogate my schedule for January and then reconfigure in February -- as I'll likely have to do anyway. On the other hand: I really do have a lot of work to do, and it's going to be tough, and I'm going to want to resist doing it, but I really do have to do it, and two hours of labor per day a week will go a long way towards climbing that mountain.

In any event: we're off to a rocky start today, as I woke up an hour late (what's up, body?) and I'm going to be running errands with Gosling in the afternoon (thus destroying my schedule). As such, I think, for today, it'll be a flipped sched: I'll go into work early, go run errands with Gosling after noon, and then write in the evening. Exercise will get sacrificed, but oh well: exercise is always going to be the first thing on the chopping block.
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Today, I'm going to attempt the following schedule. How will I do? (Probably not great, since I already took a shower on sleepy autopilot. Given today, I may downgrade "exercise" into "walking to the grocery store," but heyyyyy, that's exercise, right?

Le Schedule )
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I stayed up late to watch the Golden Globes (snore) and Sherlock's "The Lying Detective" (not amazing, but better than the first episode, but I was confused for the first third of the episode because I kept thinking, "Isn't that the same actress? Or am I just developing face-blindness???").

Then I woke up at five to catch my flight this morning, and then my handlers delivered me late to the airport, and I boarded by the skin of my teeth and had to sit in a middle row, which prevented me from napping (and drooling against the shoulder of one of my neighbors, etc).

What I'm saying: I am very tired.

However, the silver lining of having a dead-battery Kindle (giving me no recourse during my two-hour flight but to stare fixedly at the seat-back in front of me and repeatedly listen to the four songs downloaded to my cellphone) is that I had a lot of time to devise my schedule for the month. I think I can get a chapter out by the end of the month -- and the experience is going to suck, but I think I can do it.
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I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition today!

According to the in-game clock, it took me 133 hours -- in part because, even as I was ticking off the rest of my sidequests, I kept discovering entirely new regions. They...they did a thorough job at populating the maps with things to do. Celene remained empress. Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows. Leliana became Witch-Pope. I managed to attend the wedding in Val Royeaux.

The conclusion to the Solas romance was a little nonsensical. It made sense, narratively, for him to cut things off with the Inquisitor, but the preceding exchange about slave-markings and changing the Inquisitor's face was stilted and semi-bizarre and just felt clumsy. On the other hand, I'm glad that I stuck out the Solas romance, because it adds a satisfying level of irony to the climax. (And I did like Solas in all his charming, false glory.)
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Last night, as we channel-surfed, we happened across the pilot for Emerald City, an "edgy" take on The Wizard of Oz. This is a hilarious pitch in and of itself, because The Wizard of Oz has had so many edgy adaptions in the last century; everyone and their brother finds Oz to be creepy and weird, and everyone wants to play up that element in adapting it. (The much more subversive take would be to emphasize its bubbly insanity in the vein of Adventure Time.) In this case, the specific approach is The Wizard of Oz meets Game of Thrones, a fusion that nobody was asking for. The plot is standard reflexive grimdark, but the visuals from Tarsem Singh are pretty (although he does better in big open vistas than smaller sets), and also Dorothy encounters the ruggedly handsome Scarecrow when he's literally crucified outside a burning town. Afterwards, he's an amnesiac with PTSD and prone to fits of manic violence, and that trope is, alas, pretty squarely in my wheelhouse.

At one point, Dorothy is trying to teach joke-structure to the Scarecrow through knock-knock jokes, and it's the clumsiest set-up ever for the moment, post-manic-violence, when the Scarecrow attempts to reconnect with Dorothy via knock-knock jokes. "Knock knock," he hisses as he stumbles after her. "Knock knock." Dorothy, haunted, does not look back and does not answer.

And it's totally dumb, and I ate it up with a spoon.

I watched the pilot with my mother, who snorted at every new absurdity and kept asking, "Is HE the cowardly lion???" I'm unfamiliar with the Baum books, so the Ozma plot-twist did surprise me, although I had assumed that something along those lines was coming, given the apparent disjunction between performer and role. (Reviewers who have, I think, seen screeners of the future episodes suggest that the show is not going to be amazing about identity issues, so I'm suitably braced.)


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