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BROTHER: "I have a brilliant idea for a musical comedy based on Immanuel Kant! At one point, someone will say, 'Are you an Immanuel Kant...or an Immanuel Can?'"

ME: "Which is the right answer?"

BROTHER: "...I don't know."

Busman's Honeymoon, Diplomatic Immunity, and A Book of Wizards )

Gnarls Barkley, "Surprise"
"Papa was in the Rolling Stones" (mash-up)
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"This is a nice paper, Bun--," Charles said cautiously.

"Thanks, thanks."

"But don't you think you ought to mention John Donne more often? Wasn't that your assignment?"

"Oh, Donne," Bunny had said scoffingly. "I don't want to drag him into this."

--Donna Tartt, The Secret History, p. 98.

Bodas de sangre, Komarr, and In the Teeth of the Evidence )
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OBNOXIOUS PHOTO TREND #3498: Printing a still image from a long-past televised debate between the U.S. presidential candidates in which the candidates happen to be looking away from one another alongside a general headline about how much the candidates dislike each other. Seriously, photo editors, look harder. I know you're trying to illustrate some rote story about candidate antagonism, but unless you're covering last night's debate, this kind of photo is the laziest choice you could make.

In the Ruins, Memory, and In Cold Blood )
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I made Imitation Pad Thai yesterday. It wasn't a very faithful imitation, but it turns out that anything is delicious when mixed with sufficient peanut butter and lime.

Anita and Me, The Hallowed Hunt, and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress )
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has narrowly lost a referendum on controversial constitutional changes.

This is surprising on two counts: everyone was expecting Chávez to win this referendum, and Chávez himself is handling the defeat with unexpected grace and tranquility. His term does not end until 2013, so he will have the opportunity to reintroduce these measures down the road, but there is no denying that this unexpected success has energized the opposition groups. The result implies that the majority of Venezuelan voters are increasingly disenchanted with their president's rhetoric, and Chávez will need to shore up his support base before he tries again.

In short, Chávez cedes the position of "International Leader Most Likely To Be Vilified in the Western Press For Dubious Voting Practices" to Vladimir Putin for this week.

Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille, Brothers in Arms, and The House on Mango Street )
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[ profile] simpleparadox asked for book recommendations, which reminded me how much I enjoy forcing other people to recommend books for me. I like hearing about new books, and I like discovering that my friends have interests and passions of which I was previously unaware. (Book lists are terribly suggestive.)

So: please recommend five books to me. They can be books you just read, or books you love, or books sitting next to you, or books organized along a theme.

I'll start. Here are five books that people have commanded me to read:
1. Richard Adams, Watership Down
2. Joseph Conrad, Nostromo
3. P. D. James, The Skull Beneath the Skin
4. Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing
5. Franny Billingsley, The Folk Keeper

Also, here are five books I read recently:
Have His Carcase, Wolf Wing, Cetaganda, Murder Must Advertise, and Johnny and the Dead )
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I watched Star Wars with my younger siblings this weekend. It has been ten years since I last saw the film, and it hasn't aged well for me. (Oh, Annie Hall, I'm so glad you won the 1977 Academy Award for Best Picture.) On the other hand, I enjoyed mocking both the film and the mythos with my brother.

  • That sound the TIE fighters make when they scream across the screen.
  • The entire trash compacter sequence, climaxing with C-3PO wringing his hands and wailing, "Listen to them, they're dying, R2!"
  • Basically C-3PO, the bitchiest robot ever.

    Everything else? Boring and clumsy, but very true to the spirit of pulpy '30s serials.

    The Warrior's Apprentice, Go Jump in the Pool! and Dime-Store Alchemy )

    And now I shall vanish from the Internet once again. Ten weeks to go!
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    I had many vital but unpleasant things I needed to accomplish this weekend so that I could a) graduate this semester and b) not live in a cardboard box under an overpass after graduation.

    Instead, I played video games and read books. Because I'm a super genius!

    Ethan of Athos, Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood, and In the Forests of Serre )

    ETA: It is a testament to this reviewer's remarkable abilities that I can't decide whether the reviews are serious or tongue-in-cheek. I'm leaning toward the latter, but it's hard to be sure.
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    Today: My internship ended.

    Next Week: All four of my wisdom teeth will be extracted.

    Fortnight: Classes begin for my senior year of undergrad.

    My life is a non-stop carnival of fun!

    Barrayar, The Folk of the Air, and The Corinthian )

    And my current fairy godmother is [ profile] chefkatsuya, who called my mother, who called my brother, who eventually returned my cell phone -- thus reuniting me with the world! (And, [ profile] chefkatsuya, my mother wants me to pass along that you caught her during a crazy ten minutes, and she's afraid that she may have been a little brusque with you? She wanted to reiterate that she thought you were very nice to call.)


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