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This weekend I frolicked with TDR in Philadelphia, which meant that we drank copiously after someone else's dissertation defense; watched approximately a million episodes of Season Four of Crossing Jordan (TDR's new favorite Netflix show for viewing-while-data-crunching), selected episodes of Elementary, the entirety of Hot Fuzz (which TDR had never seen???), and the just-released The World's End (which required a special field trip and everything); and ate juicy dim sum, mussels, salmon crepes, farmer's market tacos, bacon cupcakes (consumed while watching The World's End), burgers (while playing bar trivia), huevos rancheros and french toast, bar-food hummus, moussaka, and pad thai.

Verdict: success!

Venetia, Nine Stories, and Knife of Dreams )
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I had "juicy" (soup-filled) dim sum last night for the first time, and it was the most delicious thing ever.

Path of Daggers, Black Sheep, and Winter's Heart )
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Watched Star Trek Into Darkness two weeks ago. Did not hate it! (Although am sympathetic to everyone who did -- I have no particular affection for earlier iterations of the franchise, but I can see why that film might not tickle the fancy of an actual Trekkie. Me, I'm just in it for the families of choice/workplace relationships/super-sentai team, and on that level, yesssssss.)

The Ships of Air, A Crown of Swords, and Arabella )
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The Dark is Rising, Cotillion, and One Times One )
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[After a group of high-pitched trick-or-treaters left our door, we heard them run across our yard, shouting, "WHOOOOO!"]
BROTHER: "What was that?"
ME: "It was their war cry."
BROTHER: "Yeah, but they weren't really dressed for a war cry."
ME: "What were they dressed as?"
BROTHER: "...fairies."

False Colours, Lord of Light, and Yendi )
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El Gato, El Salvador

Still sifting. Going through 500 images is a grinding process.

I'm on page 25 of Mario Vargas Llosa's La Ciudad y Los Perros. In the prologue, the author mentions his undying adoration for William Faulkner. Two thoughts:
  • It is unexpectedly eerie to be struggling through a foreign language and think, "Oh, yeah, this is Faulkner's style, isn't it? Look at all that rising and sourceless anxiety!"
  • Quentin Compson is the literary love-child of Prince Hamlet and J. Alfred Prufrock, Y/N?

    Black Sheep, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, and The Massacre at El Mozote )
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    Science Quiz

    All I remember from my actual 8th-grade science class is watching Spaceballs and building bridges made from toothpicks, but apparently some of the material registered. On a subconscious level.

    Frederica, The Columbian Exchange, and The Burning Stone )
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    I made an executive decision not to do something, and suddenly I am feeling far more sanguine about life.

    I watched Twentieth Century with my sister today. It was surprisingly cynical: you keep waiting for some softer emotion to emerge from the flinty surface, for the male protagonist to reveal some redeeming feature, for the heroine to betray some willing complicity in her subjugation. But no! John Barrymore is exquisitely awful, but he's somewhat hard to stomach in the movie's first half, when Carole Lombard is still playing a trembling innocent. (Things go down easier in the second half, which reveals her to be just as theatrical and egomaniacal as he.) Given Howard Hawks' other screwball features -- Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, and Ball of Fire -- Twentieth Century is unusually unflinching. On a second viewing, I may find it refreshing.

    Regency Buck, Whose Body?, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets )

    The Dread

    Jun. 11th, 2007 02:32 pm
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    Oh, man! The sweet feeling of an undone responsibility, the mounting stress, the corresponding anxiety, and the dimly perceived crest of something that feels suspiciously like depression! It's like the summer of 2005 all over again!

    a cousin of the Scottish witches )
    swaggers debonairly through a comedy of puppets )
    that he didn't recall with any clarity. )
    life is full of disappointments. )
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    I go through stages where I try to force the things that I love on people whom I love. This is why Andrew got a copy of The Selfish Gene for his birthday, and this is why I spent twenty minutes trying to convince my brother to watch Kicking and Screaming last week. Because who doesn't love Kicking and Screaming? (Answer: terrible human beings.)

    OTIS: "It was arousing. Violently arousing."
    CHET: "Otis, did you even read the book?"
    OTIS: ""

    The Unknown Ajax, Od Magic, and Still Love in Strange Places )

    Incubus, "Just a Phase"
    Judy Collins, "Salt of the Earth" (strangest Rolling Stones cover ever?)
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    PROFESSOR: "I'm like one of those awful movies that keeps moving back and forth, and you can't tell if it's a flashback or not. Think of me as someone who was traumatized by The Godfather: Part II."

    The Quiet Gentleman and The Selfish Gene )
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    "...he published under his own name a triad of virulently anti-Semitic books--Brazil, Colony of Bankers; The São Paulo Synagogue; and Roosevelt is Jewish, a book which enraged Ambassador Oswaldo Aranha in Washington. But Barroso was not moved by protest; he proudly presented each new volume, usually autographed in the Brazilian custom, to local libraries."
    --Robert M. Levine, The Vargas Regime (New York: Columbia University Press, 1970), p. 89.

    And, of course, if isolated from their historical context, none of those book titles are particularly...meaningful. I can see Brazil, Colony of Bankers as a sweet book about financial advice in Rio de Janeiro; I can see Roosevelt is Jewish as a great name for a rock band.

    (Google tells me that Roosevelt's Jewishness is a familiar part of anti-Semitic propaganda from the 1930s.)

    Explosion in a Cathedral, Venetia, and Fire and Hemlock )
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    A few weeks ago, we managed to sidetrack our Amazonia professor on the subject of The Mission and other movies:

    PROFESSOR: "Of course, it has two of the finest actors in the English-speaking world: Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons."

    PROFESSOR: "I like to see films too. I don't show them in class because that would be too fun."

    [On Nastassja Kinski]
    PROFESSOR: "She is still the second most beautiful woman in the whole world. ...I'm a married man, you know."

    [upon discovering that some students had never seen The Godfather: Part II, he went on a sarcastic monologue about how we obviously never see films because we're so devoted to studying for his class.]
    PROFESSOR: "But aside from me, there are movies. And some of them have De Niro!"

    PROFESSOR: "And this was when De Niro was extraordinarily attractive. If a man can be attractive. And I think he can!"

    Cousin Kate and Tom Jones )

    Next up: War and Peace.
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    STUDENT: Hey, it's the Kama Sutra! It's a book about love!
    PROFESSOR:'s a book about gymnastics, really.

    Bath Tangle and Mortal Engines )

    And I'm on page 226 of Tom Jones.

    It's pretty much the most terrific book ever )
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    Today: My internship ended.

    Next Week: All four of my wisdom teeth will be extracted.

    Fortnight: Classes begin for my senior year of undergrad.

    My life is a non-stop carnival of fun!

    Barrayar, The Folk of the Air, and The Corinthian )

    And my current fairy godmother is [ profile] chefkatsuya, who called my mother, who called my brother, who eventually returned my cell phone -- thus reuniting me with the world! (And, [ profile] chefkatsuya, my mother wants me to pass along that you caught her during a crazy ten minutes, and she's afraid that she may have been a little brusque with you? She wanted to reiterate that she thought you were very nice to call.)
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    ME: I hope I'm on the front page tomorrow.

    BROTHER: I hope so! ...I mean, for your story, not your indiscretions.

    ME: One way or the other!

    The Black Moth, The Cygnet and the Firebird, and Kitchen )
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    And now I am done with my junior year of university. My internship starts in a week, so I've got a few days to act like a slug and read crumbling paperback novels.

    Arabella, Magician's Gambit, The Game of Kings, and NOT Castle of Wizardry )

    Oh! And for Spring 2006, I read a total of 34 books:

    The Thirty Four In Question )

    And of that distinguished list, my three favorite books were:

    John Crowley, Little, Big
    Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon
    Dorothy Dunnett, The Game of Kings
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    I've reached that inevitable stage in the semester where I've completely sabotaged my future and might as well leave school to become a bag lady.

    (On the plus side, I've finally figured out how to incorporate Elvas' Soto into my paper. Three cheers for the doomed sinner!)

    The only thing that can lift my spirits is The Great Outdoor Fight.

    And paperback novels.

    Blood Pact, A Civil Contract, Blood Debt, and Jane of Lantern Hill )

    (You know my life is upside down when my job is going okay, but I'm screwed in regards to school.)
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    And now for stuff that's been sitting on my computer. (I prefer to think of it as lolling in beach chairs, sipping digital daiquiris and squinting at me in drunken amusement.)

    More Pictures of Berlin! )

    More Books I Have Read! )

    And my little sister has discovered that you can buy Final Fantasy music on iTunes. Here's the fruits of her labor:
    The Black Mages, "Vamo'Alla Flamenco" (Final Fantasy IX)
    (although, for the full effect, you need an 11-year-old squealing next to you because she has played Final Fantasy IX three hundred times and knows all the incidental background music by heart.)


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