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Books: Little Women, Razor's Edge: Star Wars, and Winter's Tale )

HIMYM S4, 4x20-24: The Mosbius Designs, The Three Days Rule, Right Place Right Time, As Fast As She Can, and The Leap )

General Thoughts About Season Four: In the season finale, Ted considers the past: "That was the year I was left at the altar, it was the year I got knocked out by a crazy bartender, the year I got fired, the year I got beat up by a goat, a girl goat at that, and damn it if it wasn't one of the best years of my life." So too with this season, which I remembered as the glorious zenith of the series -- a memory which this rewatch bears out. (But now begins the descent.)

Top Four Episodes of Season Four
3. 4x04 "Intervention"
2. 4x12 "Benefits"
1. 4x10 "The Fight"
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Merriment and kindness continues at the archive. HMMMMM.

HIMYM S4, 4x15-19: The Stinsons, Sorry Bro, The Front Porch, Old King Clancy, and Murtaugh )
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Today was an unexpectedly nice day (not least because my least favorite archivist was out of the reading room, and all the other archivists was extra nice to me.)

HIMYM S4, 4x11-14: Little Minnesota, Benefits, Three Days of Snow, and Possimpible )
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HIMYM S3, 3x15-20: The Chain of Screaming, Sandcastles in the Sand, The Goat, Rebound Bro, Everything Must Go, and Miracles )

General Thoughts About Season Three: Season Three continues to fire on all cylinders, and the residual bad feelings from the Robin-Ted break-up provides a gratifying amount of dramatic tension within the group without becoming overwhelming or obnoxious. Also, Robin and Barney hook up, yessssssss.

Top Three Episodes of Season Three
3. 3x14 "The Bracket"
2. 3x17 "The Goat"
1. 3x05 "How I Met Everyone Else"
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My ambitious plans to get caught up on How I Met Your Mother before the finale aired obviously failed, then I got spoiled on the big reveal (OH GOD NO THOMAS & BAYS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING) but whatever, man! Whatever! I'm going to keep trucking onward and pretend that I don't know what I know. Then I will engage in cathartic bitching with TDR/Memo/H./the universe!

HIMYM S3, 3x01-07: Wait For It, We're Not From Here, Third Wheel, Little Boys, How I Met Everyone Else, I'm Not That Guy, and Dowisetrepla )
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My physical therapy requires both hands, so the months of January and February saw a sharp up-tick in my passive TV-watching. Things I have been watching:

My Hulu Queue: The Mindy Project, Castle, New Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Enlisted, Community, Almost Human, and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland )

TV: HIMYM S2, 2x18-22: Moving Day, Bachelor Party, Showdown, Something Borrowed, Something Blue )

General Thoughts about Season Two: Season Two of HIMYM is really excellent. Season One was uneven and featured a frequently unbearable protagonist, but Ted's steady relationship with Robin removes him from the temptations of being a douchebag/stalker, and the rest of the gang really blossoms through their myriad, distinctive relationships. A+, Would Rewatch Again.

Top Three Episodes of Season Two:
3. 2x05 "World's Greatest Couple"
2. 2x17 "Arreviderci, Fiero"
1. 2x09 "Slap Bet"
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Exciting recent adventures: our supreme masters summoned us all to Valencia, where we discussed our "work" (boring) and consumed enormous amounts of free wine and paella (awesome). Also, Valencia is super pretty, and I decided that I didn't hate all my colleagues! (Only some of them.)

Books: Dragon Age: The Calling, Wheel of the Infinite, and Three Men in a Boat )

TV: HIMYM S2, 2x14-17: Monday Night Football, Lucky Penny, Stuff, and Arreviderci, Fiero )
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Exciting recent adventures: I broke my left wrist last month and now have a bitchin' two-inch surgical scar (and an annoying physical therapy routine and a metal plate that will be setting off airport detectors for the rest of my life). Last week, I fled Spain and went up to Germany, where I hung out with Wife E (the best wife) and one of her friends, a strange and delightful German dude. (This was the first time I've been in Germany in eight years; the experience was a useful corrective to my rose-tinted memories of being an oblivious twenty-year-old in Berlin.)

Books: Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom )

Television: HIMYM 2x11-13: How Lily Stole Christmas, First Time in New York, and Columns )
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HIMYM S1, 1x20-1x22: Best Prom Ever, Milk, and Come On )

General Thoughts About Season One: There's a definite mid-season slump (episodes 15 through 19) in which Ted is the worst, but by and large, this season does a good job introducing the characters and examining their various relationships with one another. My nostalgic memories are largely justified; the show is comforting and warm.

Top Three Episodes of Season One
3. 1x10 "The Pineapple Incident"
2. 1x14 "Zip, Zip, Zip"
1. 1x03 "Sweet Taste of Liberty"
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[via gchat: Memo mentions something he is reading]
MEMO: you want this reference? cause i thought, [personal profile] proustbot is, i guess, arguing otherwise
MEMO: unless your dissertation thesis turns out to be
MEMO: after reviewing the documents, I discovered that nothing happened

(The best dissertation argument ever!)

How I Met Your Mother 1x09-1x12: Belly Full of Turkey, The Pineapple Incident, The Limo, and The Wedding )


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