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It has been a rough week, but we endure.

Chalice, Outsider in Amsterdam, and Murder by Installment )
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Today I ate a pastry filled with chocolate which, according to its packaging, had lots of valuable nutrition for small children. Suuuuure, Spain.

Throne of Jade, SPQR, and Rose Daughter )
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VIDALIA: "Hey, have I told you about last week's assignment for my Portuguese class?"

ME: "Nope."

VIDALIA: "I had to write a letter, as a mother, to my son Chico, who has dropped out of university to pursue his dreams of being a sculptor."

ME: "Okay."

VIDALIA: "I think I was supposed to write a comforting and supportive letter? Telling him to follow his dreams? Instead, I told him that he was a disappointment to his family, that we wished he could be more like his industrious elder siblings, who are respectively a lawyer and a doctor, and that we would be disowning him immediately. Immediately!"

ME: "Huh."

VIDALIA: "I'm still waiting to get my assignment back and see how this approach went over with the professor."

Bridge of Birds, Agent to the Stars, and Sunshine )
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It has been a week of intellectual literature for me.

(no spoilers, yada yada yada)

Rose Daughter, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Mistress Pat )

I'm leaving for two weeks, Internet. See you mid-August.
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Last summer, I courageously declared a SUMMER OF READING so that I could finally tackle the intimidating unread books on my shelves.

This summer, in a similarly courageous spirit, I declare my SUMMER OF READING STUPID CHILDREN'S NOVELS.

(Seriously, the number of books I read which were expressly intended for adults? You can count them on one hand and have fingers left over.)

Spindle's End, The Fall, The Darkangel, Castle, and A Gathering of Gargoyles )

I feel as if I should attempt Ulysses or Moby Dick in compensation. Or to keep my reading comprehension skills from atrophying.


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