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Yesterday I did 15 pomodoros -- I had a pretty strong morning, but I petered out into chores in the afternoon.

Current Tally: $46

This morning I am going to write and wallop this section into firm shape. As God is my witness!!!

Also, in the meantime, let's luxuriate in Emily Nussbaum's paean to The Good Place:

Behind his thick glasses, Harper has a perfect slow burn, playing the bespectacled Cary Grant to Bell’s bratty Katharine Hepburn. He makes her better; she makes him freer. Even after we learn that they’re both marked for the Bad Place, it’s impossible to believe they deserve it.

When Eleanor tells Chidi that he’s her flashlight, it’s genuinely romantic—a love inseparable from goodness itself.
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Mulling over productivity today, I think it's probably ideal to aim for 15 pomodoros a day. That gives me five solid hours of concentrated work a day, and from long experience with my brain, that's pretty much what I'm capable of sustaining over the long term.

Yesterday I did 2 pomodoros -- going into work really disrupted my ability to do anything.

Current Tally: $31

I re-watched the first two episodes of Riverdale today. For...research.

(Does Polly exist?! Well, imdb lists an actress for the role, so probs.)

Also, the Internet just informed me that Chris Evans and Jenny Slate have just broken up. This bums me out nearly as much as the temporary Danny DeVito-Rhea Perlman split. (And let us speak not of Will Arnett!!)
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Yesterday I did 9 pomodoros (in which I wrote morning pages, wrote ~300 words, synthesized my sacrament notes, and starting speeding through HC's letters).

Then I got suckered into a friendship obligation and spent $10 on a beer and mozzarella sticks.

Current Tally: $29

This morning I went into work to assist my sub-boss in stuffing envelopes, and then I came home and slumped around and did nothing productive. Blergh! I was supposed to go to a friendship obligation this evening, but I'm bailing in the hopes of actually getting some writing and/or laundry done instead. (Blergh!)

I also went through ao3's tag for Riverdale; there is a lot of not-very-good stuff on there. (And a couple of brilliant femslash stories.)

A story about Gosling: Lockwood reports that she tried to hang out with Gosling, but he's being too cool for school and the one time they got a drink, it mostly involved Gosling playing with his phone and ignoring her. Understandably, he's now dead to Lockwood. BUT the ironic twist is that Lockwood ran into him at a protest last weekend. Lockwood was with a friend and a friend-of-a-friend, who is a famous figure in our industry. As soon as Gosling recognized him, suddenly it was "LOCKWOOD, MY DEAREST FRIEND!"

Understandably, he is now double-dead to Lockwood.

A story about Veronica: J. vaguely referenced a recent injury, and I betrayed some knowledge of that injury. "How did you know about that?" she squealed. I tried to indicate C., but J. was already saying, "Oh, I know. It must have been Veronica. Because I told him about it, and then I asked if he was going to tell anyone, and he said he wouldn't tell anyone, but he would tell you, because he tells you everything." ("Okay," I managed to finally get in, "but, once again, he didn't tell me...")

He came in a little later and had a morose conversation with me. "I have to go," he said at last. "I'm too hyper." He was, as far as I could tell, being completely serious.
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Yesterday I did 14 pomodoros: I did laundry, I did morning pages, I read half a dozen books, and I wrote ~600 words.

Current Tally: $30

Yesterday, I saw Ariel in the office, and he said that he had ditched the birthday party as well. And also everyone he knew had also ditched.

We made identical faces of horror at one another. "Did...anyone go?"

Yesterday, I muzzily made my way through the first two episodes of Riverdale. I enjoy depictions of creepy suburbia -- Twin Peaks, Life is Strange, Brick -- so I am along for that ride, but I'd prefer it if Betty/Archie/Veronica weren't a foregone conclusion. It would be a lot more fun if I could pretend that they were just going to stay tight but date beyond their friend-group. (And obviously that's not going to happen.) I am also amused at the Lolita glasses that wardrobe gave Ms. Grundy; I'm assuming that she'll tie back into the murder plot through some kinky affair that she was conducting with Jason Blossom. (I'm assuming, as well, that making the Blossom twins red-heads will yield some sort of dramatic pay-off in regards to red-headed Archie.)

This morning I'm going to stay home and keep banging out this chapter. This afternoon I'll go into the office and sit through a pointless-but-karmically-mandated event.
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This morning I watched the season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- which I've followed, off and on, since its premiere, but I came back into the fold when it introduced Nathaniel, aka My Favorite Trope of villains undone by lust for the hero/heroine.

It was a great finale, in part because the show has been so explicit for so long about blowing up Dumb Romance Narratives. (In contrast, consider the disappointment that everyone feels about The Mindy Project, which zig-zags between embracing and semi-repudiating its tropes. Although, side note: even with its perverse plot-arcs, The Mindy Project could still be satisfying if only it followed the sitcom pattern of stable, developed background characters. I always find it weird that The Mindy Project doesn't do this, given Mindy Kaling's background in The Office. Tight ensembles are the engines that drive Brooklyn-99 and Superstore, and they could potentially salvage The Mindy Project,

I fiddled with my Internet settings so that I have severely restricted access to time-wasting sites, so a) we'll see if it aids my productivity! and b) my TV-watching habits are about to dip tremendously.

At work yesterday, my boss told me -- with disgust -- that she had just watched The Lobster. "Have you seen it? What did you think of it?"

"Well, I knew most of the premise going in, but nobody told me about the dog-murder half-way through the movie? I wasn't prepared for the dog-murder."

"Yeah!" she said. "And that last scene! I was watching the movie with an opthamologist, and he was not pleased!"

"Yeah," I said. "It's not a good movie if you object to dog-murder or eye-trauma."

The other two people in the room, who had never even heard of the movie, regarded us with growing horror.

getting bi

Jan. 24th, 2017 10:30 pm
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I watched a bunch of episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with my sister today, so that was pretty great.
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Watched the season finale of The Good Place this morning. Wooooow.

Spoilers McSpoilers )

Now I want to watch every thing that Mike Schur has ever done.
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I found my Good Place notes (for episodes 1-10, re-watched out-of-order), and I am so proud of myself.

I was specifically notating Chidi, as I think is obvious )
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I stayed up late to watch the Golden Globes (snore) and Sherlock's "The Lying Detective" (not amazing, but better than the first episode, but I was confused for the first third of the episode because I kept thinking, "Isn't that the same actress? Or am I just developing face-blindness???").

Then I woke up at five to catch my flight this morning, and then my handlers delivered me late to the airport, and I boarded by the skin of my teeth and had to sit in a middle row, which prevented me from napping (and drooling against the shoulder of one of my neighbors, etc).

What I'm saying: I am very tired.

However, the silver lining of having a dead-battery Kindle (giving me no recourse during my two-hour flight but to stare fixedly at the seat-back in front of me and repeatedly listen to the four songs downloaded to my cellphone) is that I had a lot of time to devise my schedule for the month. I think I can get a chapter out by the end of the month -- and the experience is going to suck, but I think I can do it.
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Last night, as we channel-surfed, we happened across the pilot for Emerald City, an "edgy" take on The Wizard of Oz. This is a hilarious pitch in and of itself, because The Wizard of Oz has had so many edgy adaptions in the last century; everyone and their brother finds Oz to be creepy and weird, and everyone wants to play up that element in adapting it. (The much more subversive take would be to emphasize its bubbly insanity in the vein of Adventure Time.) In this case, the specific approach is The Wizard of Oz meets Game of Thrones, a fusion that nobody was asking for. The plot is standard reflexive grimdark, but the visuals from Tarsem Singh are pretty (although he does better in big open vistas than smaller sets), and also Dorothy encounters the ruggedly handsome Scarecrow when he's literally crucified outside a burning town. Afterwards, he's an amnesiac with PTSD and prone to fits of manic violence, and that trope is, alas, pretty squarely in my wheelhouse.

At one point, Dorothy is trying to teach joke-structure to the Scarecrow through knock-knock jokes, and it's the clumsiest set-up ever for the moment, post-manic-violence, when the Scarecrow attempts to reconnect with Dorothy via knock-knock jokes. "Knock knock," he hisses as he stumbles after her. "Knock knock." Dorothy, haunted, does not look back and does not answer.

And it's totally dumb, and I ate it up with a spoon.

I watched the pilot with my mother, who snorted at every new absurdity and kept asking, "Is HE the cowardly lion???" I'm unfamiliar with the Baum books, so the Ozma plot-twist did surprise me, although I had assumed that something along those lines was coming, given the apparent disjunction between performer and role. (Reviewers who have, I think, seen screeners of the future episodes suggest that the show is not going to be amazing about identity issues, so I'm suitably braced.)
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  • Final Fantasy XV:
  • Sister and I finished the game. My predictions were incorrect; the plot turned out to be even more nonsensical than I had guessed. It was very sad.

  • The Good Place (1x10, "Chidi's Choice"):
  • Oh, man, sooooo good! I love that the show cheerfully burned through the amount of plot that another show would spend 10-13 episodes slowly unspooling. I still stick with the belief that the writers are not going to be so redundant as to pair off Chidi and Eleanor romantically, but I do note that a) Chidi was thwarted in his choice-making, and presumably that Chekhovian gun is going to fire at some point, and b) when he presented his dilemma to Michael, he left out Tahani, which suggests that she wasn't a contender.

  • The Spirit of Christmas::
  • The plot of this Hallmark Christmas movie: "As Christmas approaches, attorney Kate Jordan travels to Vermont to oversee the sale of an inn, where she falls for a handsome but cursed ghost." I'm currently forcing my siblings to watch it with me.
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    ME: "Catastrophe? Yeah, I watched the first season, but I haven't seen the second, because I find it kind of...corrosive?"

    VERONICA: "Corrosive?"

    ME: "Yeah."

    VERONICA: "No, no, no. That's just real talk about relationships."


    I was telling Vidalia that A Fish Called Wanda was an important movie in my prepubescent sexual awakening, and he immediately started imitating Kevin-Kline-as-Otto, and I was overcome with a swelter of confused emotions.

    Then I went home and watched A Fish Called Wanda. That movie holds up! And John Cleese's naked torso still confuses me!


    I had a series of underwhelming professional experience this week. It may be time to run off and join the circus.
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    What am I watching these days? I'm glad you asked, journal.

    iZombie, Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, The Grinder, Galavant, Agent Carter, Sleepy Hollow, and Lucifer )
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    I am casually watching the first season of the 1920s Australian detective show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and I was struck by one moment of subtle narrative economy. In the second episode, Phryne Fisher engages a butler for her new household without meeting him; two of her colleagues (a pair of socialist cab-drivers) encounter him before Phryne does and gleefully elbow each other about the shock that he will experience when he finally meets the unconventional Phryne. Instead, the butler competently handles Phryne's affairs without comment and, at the end of the episode, helps defend Phryne from an attacker.

    He is not a big part of the episode, but I am struck by the necessity of that early elbowing scene from the cab-drivers. If the butler just accepted Phyrnne's "eccentricities" without comment, it would read as implausible and anachronistic; if he objected, he would join the boring, disapproving background chorus of Society At Large within the series. But by having other characters expect repugnance from him -- and by having him upend those expectations -- he embodies a subtle, satisfying dramatic irony while also helping stabilize the viewer's suspension of disbelief in reconciling the old-fashioned setting with the modern-day practices of the protagonist. It's merely a quick flourish within the episode as a whole, but it demonstrates an attention to detail that does not always appear in television serials.

    The Cloud Roads; Good Night, Mr. Holmes; The Serpent Sea; and The Blade Itself )
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    Books: Little Women, Razor's Edge: Star Wars, and Winter's Tale )

    HIMYM S4, 4x20-24: The Mosbius Designs, The Three Days Rule, Right Place Right Time, As Fast As She Can, and The Leap )

    General Thoughts About Season Four: In the season finale, Ted considers the past: "That was the year I was left at the altar, it was the year I got knocked out by a crazy bartender, the year I got fired, the year I got beat up by a goat, a girl goat at that, and damn it if it wasn't one of the best years of my life." So too with this season, which I remembered as the glorious zenith of the series -- a memory which this rewatch bears out. (But now begins the descent.)

    Top Four Episodes of Season Four
    3. 4x04 "Intervention"
    2. 4x12 "Benefits"
    1. 4x10 "The Fight"
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    Merriment and kindness continues at the archive. HMMMMM.

    HIMYM S4, 4x15-19: The Stinsons, Sorry Bro, The Front Porch, Old King Clancy, and Murtaugh )
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    Today was an unexpectedly nice day (not least because my least favorite archivist was out of the reading room, and all the other archivists was extra nice to me.)

    HIMYM S4, 4x11-14: Little Minnesota, Benefits, Three Days of Snow, and Possimpible )


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