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For breakfast this morning, I (sleepily) threw half a can of (spicy) diced tomatoes into a saucepan, poached an egg in it, served it over noodles, and it was delicious. I must remember to make that again.

The Uplift War, Cranford, and Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves )
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PROFESSOR: "I'm a historian. I'm not a prophet."

PROFESSOR: "And life isn't fair -- as you should be finding out right about now."

PROFESSOR: "But is there any faith in her life?"

The Silver Pigs, The Member of the Wedding, and The Inimitable Jeeves )
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PROFESSOR: "I haven't burned out yet. I'm still waiting for that to happen."

PROFESSOR: "It's actually my favorite echinoderm."

PROFESSOR: "A decent library is the kind that doesn't have skin magazines."

Shooting a bullet through the hood of a car )
she began to realize she ought to leave town. )
We shall lose one advantage of a man's dying )
without the smouldering eye and the silent shudder. )
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STUDENT: "So what happened to the emperor? We sort of skipped over that period."
PROFESSOR: [smiling] "He died."
CLASS: "..."
PROFESSOR: "I'm sorry, you've caught me in a jocular mood. It's the end of the semester!"

Today I cooked long-grain rice and read baaaad paperback romances. Studying will start tomorrow, my dear superego, I pinky-promise.

The Secret Hour, Summer Lightning, and War and Peace )

Q Unit, "We Will Rock You In Da Club" (Queen and 50 Cent -- together at last!)
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I'm in the middle of P. G. Wodehouse's Carry On, Jeeves, which partially takes place in New York during the 1920's. At one point, Bertie Wooster jaunts off to Long Island.

"Long Island? 1920's?" I thought. "Wasn't that where The Great Gatsby took place?"

And thus, naturally, my next thought was: "Someone really needs to write a Jeeves/Gatsby crossover."

Just think of the possibilities! Jeeves could circumspectly patch things up between Nick and Jordan! Bertie could have escapades with Daisy and Tom! Instead of a searing indictment of the American Dream, it would be a jolly comedy!

"Jeeves," Gatsby would say, "if you hadn't refused to let me wear my striped swimming trunks, I fear that madman might have shot me!"

"Yes, sir," Jeeves would say.

"Jeeves," Gatsby would say magnanimously, "burn my striped swimming trunks!"

"Very good, sir," Jeeves would say.

And then I thought, "Yeah...The Great Gatsby is really the complete antithesis of the Wooster/Jeeves stories in all ways, isn't it?"

To Say Nothing of the Dog, Light, and Ombria in Shadow )


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