Jan. 3rd, 2017

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YESTERDAY: "We're totally going to finish up the side-quests in Final Fantasy XV tonight and then get on that damn boat tomorrow."

TODAY: "We're...totally going to finish up the side-quests...tomorrow? And then get on that boat? I guess?"

(My sister is much less obsessive than me about finishing up side-quests, especially after we stumbled across Costlemark Tower and realized what a slog it was going to be.)

I am simultaneously appalled and impressed that the game-makers spent so much time on honing this fishing mini-game. I mean, on one hand, you've made a fishing game that I am willing to occasionally attempt! I never thought such a day would come!

On the other hand, I feel as if at least some of these catfish-realism resources could have been diverted into, say, the plot or the secondary characters or establishing the relationship between the secondary characters and the protagonists, etc. Our common refrain of the game so far has been "Wait, who is this person?" followed by "Wait, they're dead???"

I made my siblings watch the Kingsglaive prequel movie with me. It's not lolrarious enough to recommend to others, but, sadly, it did answer a lot of our questions about the larger world.


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