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I went to see Tom Hooper's Les Misérables with Wellington's ex-girlfriend, and in preparation for the experience (which I was dreading, in all its dimensions), I consumed Mountain Dew and Junior Mints.

As a result of the sugar/caffeine rush, I got really into the movie. I've never read the book or seen the musical (and I kinda suspect that, on an ideological level, I might hate the musical?), but the movie is pure bombastic spectacle.

Main thoughts:
  • Adult Cosette is a drip, and this movie fails the Bechdel Test spectacularly. (Why don't Eponine and Cosette ever interact? I don't understand.)

  • Russell Crowe really should not have been cast as Javert. Everyone else held up their end of the musical-theatre bargain; Crowe stuck out like a sore thumb.

  • In regards to the aforementioned ideological level: man, any narrative that minimizes the story of a bunch of radical revolutionaries for the sake of a ~love story~ makes me want to spit nails. (Also, given that the revolutionaries are portrayed in an unrelentingly heroic light, the movie does an insultingly poor job of explaining their motivations and ambitions.) In this, I suspect I differ in opinion from the core fanbase of twelve-year-olds.

  • The actor who plays Marius Pontmercy (Eddie Redmayne) looks eerily like the young pin-up version of my former professor VBP. Which was somewhat disconcerting. On a number of levels.
  • Date: 2013-01-17 08:01 am (UTC)
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    I was going to agree that you'd loathe the musical, but the fact that you enjoyed the movie is throwing off my hate-dar.

    The novel, though- The novel is magnificent. It's the sort of book where the narrator can proclaim that someone has "well-opened and passionate nostrils" and the reader nods and accepts it wholly as fact. Marius finds Cosette rather unremarkable the first time he sees her, and the revolutionaries have actual personalities. Cosette is still a drip though : /

    btw, sad that you didn't use your Delacroix icon here! IF EVER THERE WAS A POST.


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