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DARWIN: "Yeah, we were supposed to meet, but he got his book proofs back from the publisher and was apparently horrified by the index. He sent me an e-mail apologizing for the delay: 'We can meet later this week. As an added bonus, if you're interested, I now have many strong opinions on the Principles of Indexing.'"

The Shadow Rising, NOT Rhapsody: Child of Blood, The Line Between, and NOT Lorna Doone )
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Ah, July -- the month of working an awful job, drinking myself to sleep each night, and diving into my shelf of leisure reading again as a means of preserving my sanity.

Housekeeping, I See By My Outfit, Mort, and The Eye of the World )
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Today: My internship ended.

Next Week: All four of my wisdom teeth will be extracted.

Fortnight: Classes begin for my senior year of undergrad.

My life is a non-stop carnival of fun!

Barrayar, The Folk of the Air, and The Corinthian )

And my current fairy godmother is [ profile] chefkatsuya, who called my mother, who called my brother, who eventually returned my cell phone -- thus reuniting me with the world! (And, [ profile] chefkatsuya, my mother wants me to pass along that you caught her during a crazy ten minutes, and she's afraid that she may have been a little brusque with you? She wanted to reiterate that she thought you were very nice to call.)
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When I'm not engaging in high-seas buccaneering, I read a bit.

Sorcery and Cecelia, Tamsin, Bet Me, Goddess for Hire, East, Swordspoint, and To Ride Pegasus )

I am very nearly totally caught up with my pretentious reading log.


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