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VICTORIA: "I mean, isn't that the reason anyone learns a language? To flirt with people in other countries, right? I mean, that's totally the reason I learned Spanish."

THORNTON: [who is Irish] "Yeah, that is certainly why I learned American."

ME: "Yeah, that's pretty much the reason I learned...Latin..."

VICTORIA & THORNTON: [derisive giggles]

The Death of the Necromancer, Castle Waiting Volume II, Mockingjay, and Memoirs of an Infantry Officer )
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[SCENE: A cafe in Madrid]

FORMER ROOMMATE: "[ profile] mutantkoala, do you still keep that online blog thing?"

ME: "Yes..."

FORMER ROOMMATE: "Do you ever write about me on it???"

ME: "..."

FORMER ROOMMATE: "Because I hope you do!!!"

ME: "Oh, in that case, sure, I write about you all the time, dude. All the time."

Catching Fire, Thud!, and Franny and Zooey )
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I seem to have abandoned my reading log once again this summer, but here are some scattered notes for some of the books I read in May and June.

The Elf-Queen of Shannara, The Moonstone, The Tiger in the Smoke, The Beckoning Lady, The Beekeeper's Apprentice, and A Company of Swans )

And, in honor of re-starting graduate school, I read a hoary classic:

What is History? )
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Courtesy of Metafilter, it's National Poetry Month!

If I could just get my hands on you, Kierkegaard )

I do not like to like Billy Collins, because Formative Influences in my life did not like Billy Collins, and so it feels like an act of ingratitude, of betrayal, to admire a Collins poem -- as if I have an obligation to sustain the grudges that I inherited. But, even so, I like this Collins poem.


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