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I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition today!

According to the in-game clock, it took me 133 hours -- in part because, even as I was ticking off the rest of my sidequests, I kept discovering entirely new regions. They...they did a thorough job at populating the maps with things to do. Celene remained empress. Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows. Leliana became Witch-Pope. I managed to attend the wedding in Val Royeaux.

The conclusion to the Solas romance was a little nonsensical. It made sense, narratively, for him to cut things off with the Inquisitor, but the preceding exchange about slave-markings and changing the Inquisitor's face was stilted and semi-bizarre and just felt clumsy. On the other hand, I'm glad that I stuck out the Solas romance, because it adds a satisfying level of irony to the climax. (And I did like Solas in all his charming, false glory.)
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Yesterday, I watched Arsenic and Old Lace with the governor, who kept quizzing me on the names of actors. ("Yes," I would say woodenly, "I do know who Peter Lorre is.")

Then my brother and I watched "The Six Thatchers," the first of the new Sherlock episodes, and it was not great (I cannot believe that fridges are still a thing in this day and age, but somehow, they are), but it has been wonderful watching the whalenoise.mp3 reactions ripple across the Internet.

This morning we all lazed around and watched the third season of Jeeves and Wooster and ate the donuts that my brother had sheepishly brought home this morning, after he got up early and got dressed and set off to work and belatedly realized that there was no work today. Donuts, he told us, made it seem like less of a wasted effort.

Later I cleaned up some side quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition, mostly by virtue of making my sister finish up the rest of the astrarium connect-the-dot puzzles, and when we unlocked the achievement, I pumped my fists in the air and said, "Way to go! We got this achievement together! Yay team!" and she rolled her eyes.

Then we played six or seven hours of Final Fantasy XV, and I decided, what the hell, let's just delay my return home for another week so that we can be sure! to! finish! this! game! (Weirdly, this proved to be a financially responsible decision -- my new airline tickets are considerably cheaper than my old airline tickets, and the airline will let me profit from the difference.)
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I deleted most of my entries at the old haunts this week. It feels satisfying, although I'm sad to lose it as a mirror archive.

I had a weirdly successful Yuletide.

I've been playing quite a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition and, since I'm nearing the end-game, decided to embark on the DLC. Good News: Jaws of Hakkon is quite meaty and fun. Bad News: The Descent and Trespasser aren't...available for the Xbox 360. But, on the other hand, it definitely means that I will finish the game during this break, a mere six months after I started playing.

The Seventh Bride, The Orphan's Tale, Last Call, and The Bloodline Feud )
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I went home for a little while and finished a "evil/pragmatic playthrough" on Dragon Age: Origins. Because I was playing without a walkthrough, I managed to alienate Wynne and had to kill Shale, and then I obviously lost Alistair when I recruited Loghain. My final party: so small, so dour. (Also, Bioware did...very little to make Loghain an appealing companion.) My Dwarf Prince Dude romanced Morrigan (after sleeping with Leliana and Zevran) and happily participated in her Dark Rite. Also, because I was merrily ignoring side quests, it only took ~25 hours.

I also played Catherine, which I loved. I played without a walkthrough and managed to get the "Katherine True" ending, if that tells you anything about me. (I am all about Order! And block puzzles!)

Soy Sauce for Beginners, The Drowned World, Gaudy Night, and Starship Grifters )
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I turned over the keys to my apartment on August 13 and jetted down to the parental homestead for ten days of video games and sisterly bonding.

Dragon Age II, Tales of Xillia, and Skyrim )

On August 22, I flew back North to attend a dissertation defense and hassle H., followed by hijinks in Philly with TDR. I killed some time in DC, and then I came back for five nights of sleeping on the floor of The Dude's and Wife E's new apartment. When originally laying out my plans during the summer, I had budgeted a lot of dead time in the States, in case my Spanish visa proved difficult or obstreperous. Instead, I got my visa in record time and spent a lot of time wishing that I had planned differently, gone ahead to Spain, avoided the vagabond life of my current existence. But that regret faded in my last week of Baltimore -- it was worth it to finally be able to see Wife E again after a year of separation, and it was worth it to spend quality time with Ys, who will probably be gone when I return (if I return) next year.

And then I flew to Spain -- not the country of my heart, not exactly, but definitely a country within which I can comfortably live for the next year (or longer). Hurray for field years.
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I've spent the last two months flitting between the Mid-Atlantic and my parents' home, and I have used that time profitably to progress through Act 2 of Dragon Age II.

my grumpy-cat once-and-future-boyfriend, Fenris )
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Today I discovered Duolingo, which I have been absently ignoring for a year because I assumed it was a clone of LiveMocha, Mango, and those other pretty terrible language sites. But no! It is slightly better! (At least at the early stages -- reports suggest the site becomes less reliable at later stages.) There are still problems -- like, for instance, if I can notice mispronunciations in your dialogue clips, then those mispronunciations must be egregious. On the other hand, as a refresher for the A1 French that I learned three years ago, it is pretty much perfect.

Dragon Age II: Act I and Legacy DLC )

Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan )
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Last time I was home, I finished Mass Effect 3. (Romanced Garrus, achieved Synthesis, felt deep satisfaction.) This time at home, I beat Dragon Age: Origins and all its ancillary content.

I like Dragon Age a great deal less than Mass Effect -- my irritation when I started playing the game in 2010 over everyone's Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal has not really changed -- but I very much enjoyed dusting off my two-year-old save-file and playing it through to completion. So my thoughts on Dragon Age are pretty gleeful at the moment.

Blather and Spoilers on DA:O and its post-game DLC )


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