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OBNOXIOUS PHOTO TREND #3498: Printing a still image from a long-past televised debate between the U.S. presidential candidates in which the candidates happen to be looking away from one another alongside a general headline about how much the candidates dislike each other. Seriously, photo editors, look harder. I know you're trying to illustrate some rote story about candidate antagonism, but unless you're covering last night's debate, this kind of photo is the laziest choice you could make.

In the Ruins, Memory, and In Cold Blood )
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Science Quiz

All I remember from my actual 8th-grade science class is watching Spaceballs and building bridges made from toothpicks, but apparently some of the material registered. On a subconscious level.

Frederica, The Columbian Exchange, and The Burning Stone )

The Dread

Jun. 11th, 2007 02:32 pm
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Oh, man! The sweet feeling of an undone responsibility, the mounting stress, the corresponding anxiety, and the dimly perceived crest of something that feels suspiciously like depression! It's like the summer of 2005 all over again!

a cousin of the Scottish witches )
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that he didn't recall with any clarity. )
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During the time I should have been writing school essays, I instead consumed a space-opera novel and obsessively analyzed it for connections to another space-opera novel. I may be a nerd.

A Passage of Stars and the Jaran Novels )

Connections to the Jaran Novels )

Discrepancies with the Jaran Novels )

Proper Nouns from the Jaran Novels )

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