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  • Final Fantasy XV:
  • Sister and I finished the game. My predictions were incorrect; the plot turned out to be even more nonsensical than I had guessed. It was very sad.

  • The Good Place (1x10, "Chidi's Choice"):
  • Oh, man, sooooo good! I love that the show cheerfully burned through the amount of plot that another show would spend 10-13 episodes slowly unspooling. I still stick with the belief that the writers are not going to be so redundant as to pair off Chidi and Eleanor romantically, but I do note that a) Chidi was thwarted in his choice-making, and presumably that Chekhovian gun is going to fire at some point, and b) when he presented his dilemma to Michael, he left out Tahani, which suggests that she wasn't a contender.

  • The Spirit of Christmas::
  • The plot of this Hallmark Christmas movie: "As Christmas approaches, attorney Kate Jordan travels to Vermont to oversee the sale of an inn, where she falls for a handsome but cursed ghost." I'm currently forcing my siblings to watch it with me.
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    Yesterday (as I attempted to fit a metal groove into its misplaced flooring and my repeated slams did something not-great to my carpal tunnel), I permitted my sister to advance the plot of Final Fantasy XV. We boarded a boat. We made our way to Altissia.

    "This looks like a very big city," my sister opined. "I guess we're going to spend a lot of time here now."

    "Hmmm," I said.

    Spoilers through Chapter 13 )

    We've racked up 60 hours in the game's clock, and I suspect we're going to be able to finish the sucker today.
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    YESTERDAY: "We're totally going to finish up the side-quests in Final Fantasy XV tonight and then get on that damn boat tomorrow."

    TODAY: "We're...totally going to finish up the side-quests...tomorrow? And then get on that boat? I guess?"

    (My sister is much less obsessive than me about finishing up side-quests, especially after we stumbled across Costlemark Tower and realized what a slog it was going to be.)

    I am simultaneously appalled and impressed that the game-makers spent so much time on honing this fishing mini-game. I mean, on one hand, you've made a fishing game that I am willing to occasionally attempt! I never thought such a day would come!

    On the other hand, I feel as if at least some of these catfish-realism resources could have been diverted into, say, the plot or the secondary characters or establishing the relationship between the secondary characters and the protagonists, etc. Our common refrain of the game so far has been "Wait, who is this person?" followed by "Wait, they're dead???"

    I made my siblings watch the Kingsglaive prequel movie with me. It's not lolrarious enough to recommend to others, but, sadly, it did answer a lot of our questions about the larger world.
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    Yesterday, I watched Arsenic and Old Lace with the governor, who kept quizzing me on the names of actors. ("Yes," I would say woodenly, "I do know who Peter Lorre is.")

    Then my brother and I watched "The Six Thatchers," the first of the new Sherlock episodes, and it was not great (I cannot believe that fridges are still a thing in this day and age, but somehow, they are), but it has been wonderful watching the whalenoise.mp3 reactions ripple across the Internet.

    This morning we all lazed around and watched the third season of Jeeves and Wooster and ate the donuts that my brother had sheepishly brought home this morning, after he got up early and got dressed and set off to work and belatedly realized that there was no work today. Donuts, he told us, made it seem like less of a wasted effort.

    Later I cleaned up some side quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition, mostly by virtue of making my sister finish up the rest of the astrarium connect-the-dot puzzles, and when we unlocked the achievement, I pumped my fists in the air and said, "Way to go! We got this achievement together! Yay team!" and she rolled her eyes.

    Then we played six or seven hours of Final Fantasy XV, and I decided, what the hell, let's just delay my return home for another week so that we can be sure! to! finish! this! game! (Weirdly, this proved to be a financially responsible decision -- my new airline tickets are considerably cheaper than my old airline tickets, and the airline will let me profit from the difference.)
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    I picked up Final Fantasy VIII again after a month-long hiatus and scampered to the end of the first disc. I originally played this game in 1999; I...may not have ever re-played it? (Although I'm such a compulsive re-player that I suspect I must have returned to it at least once in the last fifteen years; possibly I restarted it at some point and couldn't get past the notoriously slow opening).

    A little monkeying around with the Guardian Forces )


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