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Wife A. decided to jaunt home for a few days, so I'm feeding her cat, Smallsie. Smallsie's name is ironic; he is a massive orange tabby cat. His shape can best be described as "bowling ball perched on tiny, dainty feet." He's not soft or squidgy at all; to pet Smallsie is to pet a dense, hard-packed body with an iron-like musculature.

So last night, after Ze Bar with Wife A. and the Dude and Lockwood (and after I dodged out on drinks with Thornton and Vidalia), I stumbled home to feed Smallsie. While he ate, I turned on You've Got Mail, and after ten minutes, Smallsie climbed up on my belly ("Oh, god," I groaned, "right on the breast...!") and proceeded to make bread on my brand-new T-shirt with tiny pricks of his dainty claws.

This morning, I drowsily repeated the process. We've now reached the part in You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks is about to discover Meg Ryan is the woman with whom he's been anonymously corresponding.

The Tombs of Atuan and All She Was Worth )
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I go back to college in about a week, which I am celebrating by shirking all my responsibilities. Which has led to a lot of Stupid Children's Novels and Final Fantasy VIII.

Aenir, The Pearl at the Soul of the World, Monstrous Regiment, Above the Veil, and The Farthest Shore )

The Stupid Children's Novel Death Parade continues, but it's okay, because I just read a book by Angela Carter. Which is like switching from ice cream to a strict diet of razor blades, but in a good way.
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I've reached that stage in the semester where everything looks futile and pointless: my grades suck, my professors hate me, I have no money and even less time.

On the plus side, my mother bought me tickets for Berlin. It's the first time I've been out of the country in eight years, and I'm excited despite my sense of impending doom.

I've also been reading. In nerdy comic-book news, I'm reading Bill Willingham's Fables: the first collection was mildly amusing (except for the tin-ear dialogue and Snow White's inconsistent characterization), then the second collection was pretty horrible, and then the third collection was actually okay. After the second volume, I had planned to abandon ship and stop reading the series, but the third volume has filled me with all sorts of moderate hope. So I guess I'm still reading it! Or I would be, if I had any money.

I've also been reading stuff without pictures.

Tai-Pan, The Tombs of Atuan, The Water-Method Man, and Salt and Saffron )


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