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Yesterday I did 15 pomodoros -- I had a pretty strong morning, but I petered out into chores in the afternoon.

Current Tally: $46

This morning I am going to write and wallop this section into firm shape. As God is my witness!!!

Also, in the meantime, let's luxuriate in Emily Nussbaum's paean to The Good Place:

Behind his thick glasses, Harper has a perfect slow burn, playing the bespectacled Cary Grant to Bell’s bratty Katharine Hepburn. He makes her better; she makes him freer. Even after we learn that they’re both marked for the Bad Place, it’s impossible to believe they deserve it.

When Eleanor tells Chidi that he’s her flashlight, it’s genuinely romantic—a love inseparable from goodness itself.
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Mulling over productivity today, I think it's probably ideal to aim for 15 pomodoros a day. That gives me five solid hours of concentrated work a day, and from long experience with my brain, that's pretty much what I'm capable of sustaining over the long term.

Yesterday I did 2 pomodoros -- going into work really disrupted my ability to do anything.

Current Tally: $31

I re-watched the first two episodes of Riverdale today. For...research.

(Does Polly exist?! Well, imdb lists an actress for the role, so probs.)

Also, the Internet just informed me that Chris Evans and Jenny Slate have just broken up. This bums me out nearly as much as the temporary Danny DeVito-Rhea Perlman split. (And let us speak not of Will Arnett!!)
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Yesterday I did 9 pomodoros (in which I wrote morning pages, wrote ~300 words, synthesized my sacrament notes, and starting speeding through HC's letters).

Then I got suckered into a friendship obligation and spent $10 on a beer and mozzarella sticks.

Current Tally: $29

This morning I went into work to assist my sub-boss in stuffing envelopes, and then I came home and slumped around and did nothing productive. Blergh! I was supposed to go to a friendship obligation this evening, but I'm bailing in the hopes of actually getting some writing and/or laundry done instead. (Blergh!)

I also went through ao3's tag for Riverdale; there is a lot of not-very-good stuff on there. (And a couple of brilliant femslash stories.)

A story about Gosling: Lockwood reports that she tried to hang out with Gosling, but he's being too cool for school and the one time they got a drink, it mostly involved Gosling playing with his phone and ignoring her. Understandably, he's now dead to Lockwood. BUT the ironic twist is that Lockwood ran into him at a protest last weekend. Lockwood was with a friend and a friend-of-a-friend, who is a famous figure in our industry. As soon as Gosling recognized him, suddenly it was "LOCKWOOD, MY DEAREST FRIEND!"

Understandably, he is now double-dead to Lockwood.

A story about Veronica: J. vaguely referenced a recent injury, and I betrayed some knowledge of that injury. "How did you know about that?" she squealed. I tried to indicate C., but J. was already saying, "Oh, I know. It must have been Veronica. Because I told him about it, and then I asked if he was going to tell anyone, and he said he wouldn't tell anyone, but he would tell you, because he tells you everything." ("Okay," I managed to finally get in, "but, once again, he didn't tell me...")

He came in a little later and had a morose conversation with me. "I have to go," he said at last. "I'm too hyper." He was, as far as I could tell, being completely serious.
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Yesterday I did 14 pomodoros: I did laundry, I did morning pages, I read half a dozen books, and I wrote ~600 words.

Current Tally: $30

Yesterday, I saw Ariel in the office, and he said that he had ditched the birthday party as well. And also everyone he knew had also ditched.

We made identical faces of horror at one another. "Did...anyone go?"

Yesterday, I muzzily made my way through the first two episodes of Riverdale. I enjoy depictions of creepy suburbia -- Twin Peaks, Life is Strange, Brick -- so I am along for that ride, but I'd prefer it if Betty/Archie/Veronica weren't a foregone conclusion. It would be a lot more fun if I could pretend that they were just going to stay tight but date beyond their friend-group. (And obviously that's not going to happen.) I am also amused at the Lolita glasses that wardrobe gave Ms. Grundy; I'm assuming that she'll tie back into the murder plot through some kinky affair that she was conducting with Jason Blossom. (I'm assuming, as well, that making the Blossom twins red-heads will yield some sort of dramatic pay-off in regards to red-headed Archie.)

This morning I'm going to stay home and keep banging out this chapter. This afternoon I'll go into the office and sit through a pointless-but-karmically-mandated event.
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On Friday, I did 1 pomodoro (in which I cleaned) -- but, in my defense, I did go into work for seven hours.

On Saturday, I did 9 pomodoros (in which I wrote my morning pages, reached inbox zero, did tax stuff, cleaned house, read more about sacraments, and collected all the fiddly bits for the reimbursement I need to submit Monday).

Current Tally: $16

I also bailed on going to a birthday party, for which I suspect the birthday boy will never forgive me -- but as I sat in my darkened bedroom, eating a cheddar-cheese-and-creamy-caesar-dressing sandwich, I thought, "Well, I could put on my coat and walk for half an hour to go to an unfun house party with a bunch of drunken bros and a deadly fire pit on the bottom of a steep incline...or I could go to bed."

Dear Reader, I went to bed.

Betty invited me over to a Superbowl party tonight, but that was easier to refuse (as I weighed the pros of eating chips and drinking beer and watching commercials with the cons of many, many hours of football).

This is going to be my semester of saying no to things!

In unrelated news, I beat Banner Saga for the third time.
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On Wednesday, I performed 5 pomodoros (I filled out tax forms, reached inbox zero, and researched some fellowships).

On Thursday, I performed 8 pomodoros (I mailed some things, I did some more tax stuff, and I read a really good book about sacraments that was packaged as something else).

Then I spent $18 on bandcamp artists to support their current donation drive to the ACLU.

Current Tally: $6
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Yesterday I did 6 pomodoros (I wrote ~600 words, I requested library books, and I researched the secondary lit on AO and discovered that it appears not to exist).

I also beat a second playthrough of Banner Saga so, you know, two steps forward, one step back.

Current Tally: $11

(I also set up a Scrivener file for Long Green Grass. I think if I cut out idiot internet distractions, I could easily write 1000 words/day and complete a first draft by the end of March.)

Today I'm going to go into campus (and distribute W-2s like a benevolent W-2 fairy), do a first pass on sourcing the C section. Then I'll come home and have some lunch. Then I'll go back onto campus and do a second pass. By tonight, I want something that stands reasonably complete for this iteration of the work.
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Okay, let's get back on the "productive member of society" horse.

I've decided that I'm going to incentivize myself by giving myself one dollah to spend on something frivolous for every pomodoro session I successfully accomplish. (Next week, I may expand this to include exercise and other responsible-adult tasks, but for right now, let's keep it simple.)

I think my current frivolous saving target is going to be contributing to Banner Saga 3's Kickstarter.

(spoiler alert: I played a lot of Banner Saga this weekend)

Yesterday, I successfully got through 5 pomodoros (and successfully copyedited K's paper and read T's paper, although decided against going to seminar). Then I went home, because my back hurt and it had started snowing and I was wearing some slick-soled Converse sneakers, so.

Current Tally: $5

Today's goal: let's finish a coherent rough draft of the C section of this paper.


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