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[SCENE: A cafe in Madrid]

FORMER ROOMMATE: "[ profile] mutantkoala, do you still keep that online blog thing?"

ME: "Yes..."

FORMER ROOMMATE: "Do you ever write about me on it???"

ME: "..."

FORMER ROOMMATE: "Because I hope you do!!!"

ME: "Oh, in that case, sure, I write about you all the time, dude. All the time."

Catching Fire, Thud!, and Franny and Zooey )
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Ah, July -- the month of working an awful job, drinking myself to sleep each night, and diving into my shelf of leisure reading again as a means of preserving my sanity.

Housekeeping, I See By My Outfit, Mort, and The Eye of the World )
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[ profile] simpleparadox asked for book recommendations, which reminded me how much I enjoy forcing other people to recommend books for me. I like hearing about new books, and I like discovering that my friends have interests and passions of which I was previously unaware. (Book lists are terribly suggestive.)

So: please recommend five books to me. They can be books you just read, or books you love, or books sitting next to you, or books organized along a theme.

I'll start. Here are five books that people have commanded me to read:
1. Richard Adams, Watership Down
2. Joseph Conrad, Nostromo
3. P. D. James, The Skull Beneath the Skin
4. Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing
5. Franny Billingsley, The Folk Keeper

Also, here are five books I read recently:
Have His Carcase, Wolf Wing, Cetaganda, Murder Must Advertise, and Johnny and the Dead )
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I go back to college in about a week, which I am celebrating by shirking all my responsibilities. Which has led to a lot of Stupid Children's Novels and Final Fantasy VIII.

Aenir, The Pearl at the Soul of the World, Monstrous Regiment, Above the Veil, and The Farthest Shore )

The Stupid Children's Novel Death Parade continues, but it's okay, because I just read a book by Angela Carter. Which is like switching from ice cream to a strict diet of razor blades, but in a good way.


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