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This morning is the morning that I am waking up in sleepy leisure in my childhood bed, rather than staggering awake in the dark and throwing all my shit in my backpack and running for the airport.

(That joy awaits next week.)

Let's do the year in review quiz, kids.

2016: Everyone bought champagne for mimosas, and no one brought orange juice, and there's a metaphor in there somewhere. )
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Three years ago, I did one of those little "year in review" questionnaires that used to be all the rage. Today, it amused me to fill it out again re: 2015, the little year that could.

2015 in Review )
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Exciting recent adventures: I broke my left wrist last month and now have a bitchin' two-inch surgical scar (and an annoying physical therapy routine and a metal plate that will be setting off airport detectors for the rest of my life). Last week, I fled Spain and went up to Germany, where I hung out with Wife E (the best wife) and one of her friends, a strange and delightful German dude. (This was the first time I've been in Germany in eight years; the experience was a useful corrective to my rose-tinted memories of being an oblivious twenty-year-old in Berlin.)

Books: Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom )

Television: HIMYM 2x11-13: How Lily Stole Christmas, First Time in New York, and Columns )
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Me and How I Met Your Mother )

How I Met Your Mother 1x01-1x03: Pilot, Purple Giraffe, and Sweet Taste of Liberty )

Um, this got longer than I thought it would. What can I say? I like How I Met Your Mother.
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I turned over the keys to my apartment on August 13 and jetted down to the parental homestead for ten days of video games and sisterly bonding.

Dragon Age II, Tales of Xillia, and Skyrim )

On August 22, I flew back North to attend a dissertation defense and hassle H., followed by hijinks in Philly with TDR. I killed some time in DC, and then I came back for five nights of sleeping on the floor of The Dude's and Wife E's new apartment. When originally laying out my plans during the summer, I had budgeted a lot of dead time in the States, in case my Spanish visa proved difficult or obstreperous. Instead, I got my visa in record time and spent a lot of time wishing that I had planned differently, gone ahead to Spain, avoided the vagabond life of my current existence. But that regret faded in my last week of Baltimore -- it was worth it to finally be able to see Wife E again after a year of separation, and it was worth it to spend quality time with Ys, who will probably be gone when I return (if I return) next year.

And then I flew to Spain -- not the country of my heart, not exactly, but definitely a country within which I can comfortably live for the next year (or longer). Hurray for field years.
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This weekend I frolicked with TDR in Philadelphia, which meant that we drank copiously after someone else's dissertation defense; watched approximately a million episodes of Season Four of Crossing Jordan (TDR's new favorite Netflix show for viewing-while-data-crunching), selected episodes of Elementary, the entirety of Hot Fuzz (which TDR had never seen???), and the just-released The World's End (which required a special field trip and everything); and ate juicy dim sum, mussels, salmon crepes, farmer's market tacos, bacon cupcakes (consumed while watching The World's End), burgers (while playing bar trivia), huevos rancheros and french toast, bar-food hummus, moussaka, and pad thai.

Verdict: success!

Venetia, Nine Stories, and Knife of Dreams )
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Hey, guys, remember when we were all fourteen-years old and filling out quiz-memes on our LiveJournals?

Let's return to those times!!1 )
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TDR: "Hey, I heard the best line the other day. 'That guy is so far in the closet that he's practically in Narnia.'"

WIFE E: [sleepily] "Are you implying that Aslan is gay?"

NATALIE: "Yes. Just like Jesus Christ."

The Woman Warrior, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, and Anya's Ghost )
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[SCENE: TDR and I are watching Spaced in the living room; Wellington and his girlfriend are making dinner in the kitchen, but Wellington keeps coming out to peer at the TV over my shoulder.]

WELLINGTON: "So, [ profile] mutantkoala. Bet Brian is your favorite character, eh?"

ME: "Yes, he is... How did you know that?"

WELLINGTON: [shifty-eyed] "Just a lucky guess."

The Gate of Angels, Whose Body?, and The Dragon Reborn )


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